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Moving to Oklahoma City or new to the area?

Here's the: "What you need to know" about the areas of the Oklahoma City metro when deciding where to live - Depending of course on your lifestyle: whether you desire city life within walking distance to art exhibits and dining or prefer a quiet life on the golf course, Oklahoma City offers it all.

  1. North West OKC

1.North West OKC

Piedmont: a community of only 6000, located just northwest of Oklahoma City (25 minutes from downtown OKC) Piedmont offers a safe small town feel, with quick access to all the amenities of a major metro area. One of the fastest growing communities in the State of Oklahoma, Piedmont’s key attraction is its top ranked school system.

Travel Time to Downtown OKC - 25 minutes

Median Home Price $241K

Here are some homes for sale in Piedmont, OK - Piedmont OK Homes

NW Expressway /Mayfair and Belle Isle Corridor: This suburban NW OKC area is conveniently located close to Northwest Expressway, the city's main artery to the northwestern suburbs, is a strip mall-filled, restaurant-bearing, continuously congested (by Oklahoma standards) six-lane boulevard with highway intersections, hotels, and office towers scattered along at various intervals. The Northwest Expressway Corridor includes most of the large scale high-rises, office towers, and hotels outside of downtown.

Belle Isle and Mayfair are two mid-century neighborhoods located in the NW Suburbs of Expressway Corridor.

Travel Time to Downtown OKC - 10 minutes

Median Home Price is $420k.

Here are some homes for sale in NW Mayfair and Belle Isle area - Mayfair/Belle Isle Homes

Quail Springs/Memorial Corridor: At the far northern edge of the city along Memorial Road John Kilpatrick Turnpike, divided by the Lake Hefner Parkway, is a huge swath of suburban development.The area is known for its golf courses, including Quail Creek Golf & Country Club, the Greens Golf and Racquet Club, Rose Creek Golf Club, Silver Horn Golf Club, the Links Apartment Golf and Athletic Club, and the city's most upscale golf course is located in an area called Gaillardia.

The area is also infamous for one of the most congested and difficult intersections in the city, Memorial Road and North Pennsylvania Avenue, a natural consequence of the city's sprawl and developer-controlled planning. However, area is popular with locals due to a wide variety of shopping, dining and entertainment attractions within easy reach, with plenty of open spaces.

Travel Time to Downtown OKC - 15 minutes

Median Home Price (This starts to vary quite drastically by addition - example)

The Greens - $265k

Gaillardia - $697k

Deer Creek: The Deer Creek area is located northwest of Oklahoma City, just north of Memorial Rd Corridor and John Kilpatrick Turnpike, between Piedmont and Edmond. This rapidly growing section of the metro is known for its award-winning public schools. According to the State Department of Education A-F report cards, every Deer Creek elementary school received an "A" rating in 2013.

Travel time to Downtown OKC - 20 minutes

Median Home Price is 284k

Here are some homes for sale in Deer Creek - Deer Creek Homes

2. The Village / Nichols Hills

Nichols Hills and The Village: The City of Nichols Hills, just north of Belle Isle, is an enclave of the wealthy. The streets are lined with nice houses, the commerce is upscale, the restaurants are gourmet, and the Oklahoma City Golf & Country Club located there is exclusive. There are other such enclaves throughout the city, but Nichols Hills is notable even among them for sheer extravagance. The City of Village, immediately north, is a middle class post-World War II neighborhood which offers a more realistic price range to choose from, while still being near all the amenities of Nichols Hills. Property values in The Village have increased in recent years due to its proximity to Lake Hefner and Nichols Hills neighborhood.

Travel time to Downtown OKC - 10 mins

Median Home Price is (This will vary quite a bit between the two cities)

Nichols Hills is $672k - Here are some homes for sale in Nichols Hills - Nichols Hills Homes

The Village is $159k - Here are some homes for sale in The Village - The Village Homes

3. West Side

Yukon/Mustang: Yukon and Mustang are western suburbs in the Oklahoma City metro. These two cities border each other with Yukon towards the north and Mustang bordering to its south. I chose to keep these two towns together while discussing because really they are just about identical other than the long running rivalry between their high school football teams. Here in Suburban West OKC you will find a small town feel community (each city boasts a population of 23,000 and 16,000 respectively), with access to everything you could need without ever having to drive into OKC (a quick 15 min drive to downtown, from 1-40 and Kilpatrick Turnpike). West OKC and its beautiful quiet neighborhoods are are also know for their reputable public school system.

Travel time to Downtown OKC - 15 minutes

Median Home Price is $180k

Here are some homes for sale in Yukon and Mustang - Yukon and Mustang Homes

Bethany: Founded by the Church of Nazarene in 1909 you will find this tight knit West OKC neighborhood a great community to raise a family or retire in. Both Bethany and Putnam City public schools service Bethany as well as two colleges: Southern Nazarene University and Southwestern Christian University.

The Bethany parks and recreation system includes many small neighborhood parks, and four large parks, Eldon Lyon Park, McFarland Park, Ripper Park, and Stinchcomb Wildlife Refuge.

Travel time to Downtown OKC - 12 minutes

Median Home Price is $132k

Here are some homes for sale in Bethany - Bethany Homes


Edmond: located just north of Oklahoma City, you'll find that Edmond offers it all. Whether you are looking to golf (you're within 200 holes of award winning golf), indulge in dining and nightlife, or enjoy a live concert under the stars at the Mitch Park amphitheater Edmond has it. Voted 11th safest city in the US (FBI/for cities over 75,000) with an even more impressive school system Edmond is a great community for families.

Travel time to Downtown OKC - 16 minutes

Median Home Price is $207k

Here are some homes for sale in Edmond - Edmond Homes

5. North East OKC

Northeast Oklahoma City is home to Oklahoma's largest African American community. It is located roughly east of I-235 and north of I-40. Neighborhoods in this district include the Medical District and the Lincoln Terrace neighborhood. This district includes the Oklahoma State Capitol, most of the state office buildings, and the OU Health Sciences Center. The district is well known as one of the culinary hubs of Oklahoma City, with world-famous BBQ and soul food being served. The district has a mix of low, middle and upper income residents, often within only a few blocks of each other.

The Lincoln Terrace neighborhood: A historic and diverse neighborhood in northeast OKC located on either side of Lincoln Blvd just south of the Oklahoma State Capitol and north of OU Health Sciences Center. Lincoln Terrace was designated as a Historic Preservation District in 1974. Many of the homes were built in the 1920s. Many of the homes are large two-story houses with spacious interiors, spiral staircases, two to three fireplaces and an abundance of windows. Architecture ranges from Colonial to French and Spanish styles. Many famous individuals have lived in the neighborhood, Senator Robert S. Kerr and Governor Roy Turner are a few notables. The Lincoln Terrace Neighborhood Association is aimed at strengthening the beauty, character and friendliness of the neighborhood.

Travel time to Downtown OKC: 7 mins

Median Home Price is - These neighborhoods vary finding homes anywhere from 100k to more than 1 million.

Here are some homes in Lincoln Terrace - Lincoln Terrace Homes

6. Central OKC

Downtown: Downtown Oklahoma City itself is currently undergoing a renaissance. Between the mid-1980s and 1990s, downtown was unchanged and largely vacant. Today, as Downtown and the Central Business District continue in their economic revival, there are numerous condos and apartments being built around downtown, along with older buildings that are being converted into apartments and hotels.

Some of the new developments found downtown include Chesapeake Energy Arena where the NBA Thunder team plays, Block 42 a high-end condominium project offering luxury condos with a modern, urban aesthetic, The Hill is a project with almost 200 town homes built on the hills overlooking the Deep Deuce district and Bricktown, The Central Avenue Villas which has 30 loft units.

Travel time to Downtown OKC: 0 minutes

Median Home Price is $472k

Here are some homes for sale in Downtown OKC - Downtown OKC Homes

Midtown: Midtown is the area roughly bounded by 4th Street to the south, I-235 to the east, 22nd Street to the north, and Pennsylvania Avenue to the west. Like much of the inner city, Midtown is also experiencing a renaissance of its own as the city cleans out the blight and decay and replaces it with upscale urban amenities, historic homes, and new construction of upscale condos lofts, and apartments near downtown residential neighborhood that will attract the hip creative class to the inner city.

Within Midtown you will find the historic Plaza Court building, St. Anthony Hospital, and the Cottage neighborhood also known as "SoSA" (South of St. Anthony) neighborhood.

Travel time to Downtown OKC: 5 mins

Median Home Price is - These neighborhoods vary finding homes anywhere from 100k to more than 1 million.

Here are some home for sale in Midtown - Midtown Homes for Sale

Uptown: Further north is Uptown, bounded roughly by N.W. 23rd Street on the south, I-235 on the east, I-44 on the north and Pennsylvania Ave on the west. The area is home to historic tree-lined neighborhoods, Oklahoma City University, small Art Deco storefronts, repurposed bungalows, and Route 66 icons such as the Milk Bottle Building, the Gold Dome, and the neon signs of the Tower and Will Rogers Theaters.

Within Uptown you will find the Asian district, The 39th enclave (Gay village) The Paseo Arts District (built in 1929 as the first commercial shopping district North of downtown OKC), and The Spanish village with its stucco buildings and clay tile roofs is the home of Oklahoma City's Artists' community, the only such district in the state. Also within the Uptown district you will find historical neighborhoods lined with mature trees such as Crown Heights and Edgemere heights.

Travel time to Downtown OKC: 8 minutes

Median Home Price - These neighborhoods vary finding homes anywhere from 100k to more than 1 million.

Here are some homes for sale in Uptown - Uptown Homes

7. Mid/Del

Midwest City and Del City: You'll find the Mid/Del district to have a lower cost of living as well as lower median home prices (in comparison to the rest of the metro region). The slightly larger of the two cities Midwest City is also home to Tinker Air Force base. MWC is a busy city yet a laidback town --here you will find older homes as well as lots of new communities that developed to accommodate the growing military base. MWC has lots of amenities to serve their growing community.

Just south of and halfway between Oklahoma City and Midwest City is the older neighborhood of Del City. Del City is much like Midwest City, infact they share a school district properly named the Mid Del School District.

Travel time to Downtown OKC: 17 minutes

Median Home Price is

Midwest City is $149k

Del City is $85k

Here are some homes in Midwest City - Midwest City Homes

Here are some homes in Del City - Del City Homes

8. Moore/Norman

Moore: South of Oklahoma City in Cleveland County (and just north of Norman) you will find the city of Moore. A bustling town that because of its placement attracts many families and young professionals who commute from the City as well as Norman. Moore offers its residents ample retail shopping, entertainment, and lots of parks. The Moore school system is preferred (over some of the Oklahoma city schools) and considered to be above average, Moore is also close proximity to the University of Oklahoma (15 minutes down i-35)

The city has been the site of several devastating tornadoes, with those occurring in 1999 and 2013 receiving international attention. But overall many would say Moore is a safe community.

Travel Time to Downtown OKC: 15 minutes

Median Home Price is $160k

Here are some homes in Moore - Moore Homes

Norman: As the locals will tell you "there's no place like Norman", and its evidenced by the more than 80,000 people who show up routinely on Saturdays to fill the OU Sooner's football stadium and cheer for their college team. Norman began as a bedroom community for OKC however, it has grown to an impressive 125,000 and growing city making it the 3rd biggest city in Oklahoma. Norman has everything you could need - great public school system, shopping, dining, nightlife and recreation. However, you may find living among the 30,000 OU college students stimulates not just the economy but adds to traffic, over crowding and everything that comes with living near frat houses and their coeds.

Travel Time to Downtown OKC: 28 minutes

Median Home is $132k

Here are some homes in Norman - Norman Homes

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